Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Here, There be Dragons......

 In news that is sweeping the Disney fan base by storm, it seems as through dragons are headed to New Fantasyland.  On the tumblr, our dragon obsessed friend Gary (who happens to write for the Disney Parks blog as well) has been posting some pretty interesting pictures and video.  These seem to suggest that the current location of New Fantasyland was once home to a dragon.  Now, apparently, that dragon may be responsible for some interesting noises and fire coming from the areas around New Fantasyland.

Hmm....a dragon egg on Disney property? (Image from

I have to admit that, even though the suspense is killing me, I am truly enjoying this little campaign Disney has going on here.  Its creative and much more fun than just posting on the blog "Bam, we have a dragon!"  But I can't help but wonder just what Disney has up their sleeves with this.  I'm going to share a few theories with you, and I'd love to know what  you all think, too!

New Nighttime Spectacular?

The flying dragon Disney was testing in California (image property of Tammy Zaninovich)
Despite Disney's best efforts to convince us otherwise, we can believe with a reasonable amount of certainty that the dragon in question will be a version of the flying dragon Disney was testing in California a few months ago.  Looking at the design, I can't imagine Disney would use this during the day.  That parachute would ruin the magic in broad daylight.  This leads me to believe that the dragon's place will be in a new nighttime show, possibly called Believe in Fantasy (explaining the title of the tumblr page).  Disney has a press event scheduled on December 7th, the day after the grand opening of New Fantasyland, and I think its very possible that a replacement for Wishes! could be announced at this event.

One Time Event?

The other, more upsetting but perhaps also more likely possibility, is that the dragon will make a one time appearance, either at the grand opening of New Fantasyland or at the press release on the 7th.  While this certainly seems possible from a budgeting standpoint (a new nighttime spectacular would be costly), I can't imagine Disney putting this much PR effort into something that very few people would actually see in person.  The hype around this seems too big to be a one time thing.

Another Ride We Don't Know About?

This one is probably the least likely of the theories being discussed on a number of fan websites, but some have suggested that maybe Disney has been keeping a huge secret from everyone.  Maybe the dragon in question isn't the flying creature we saw before, but part of a new experience that Disney has been able to keep a secret from all of us.  It wouldn't be the first time Disney has had us fooled until the last minute (Avatar, Lucasfilms).  But where would such an experience go?  And, with no visible work on such construction, when would it be open?

Those are some of the theories on the possible identity and use of the mysterious dragon of New Fantasyland.  What are your theories?  Are you intrigued by the new campaign?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Trip Planning Tip, Disney Dining Plan Edition: Last Minute Reservations

Well, free dining plan season is almost upon us.  Have you booked a free dining plan?  Are you having trouble filling up some of your reservations?  Try some of these spots, they usually have reservations available at the last minute (which does not speak negatively about the food!)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Seeing "the World" Tip 3.5: Epcot Really is for Kids, Part 2

Nighttime at the World Showcase

Welcome back to Seeing "the World."  In the last entry, we talked about kid friendly activities in the Future World half of Epcot.  This time, we're covering The World Showcase, including looks at the Agent P World Showcase Adventure, the Duffy the Disney Bear Kidcot activity, and the World Showcase Passport activity.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Around the Disneyverse Weekly Blog Roundup

I'm walking right down the middle of Main Street, U.S.A.!

This week, the Disneyverse has given us a look into the past of Epcot, the future of the Magic Kingdom, and a little bit of everything in between.  See for yourself....

  • Ryan Wilson at Main Street Gazette provides us with a look at preview postcards of EPCOT Center
  • Jennifer Fickley-Baker at the Disney Parks Blog gives us an early preview of Gaston's arrival in New Fantasyland
  • AJ at The Disney Food Blog gives us a new idea for a snack at Cookes of Dublin
  • Not Disney Parks, but This Happy Place continues their look at "EndEARing and Underrated" Disney films with a look at A Goofy Movie  (If you have time, check out all of the EndEARing and Underrated entries on this blog, they're fantastic)
  • Allears gives us a look at some amazing Disney castle artwork currently on display at Disneyland (I think I want it all)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Trip Planning Tip: Reservations STRONGLY Recommended

Apologies for the super long delay (again) my loyal readers, but I'm back!  Hopefully more permanantly this time.....

When planning a Walt Disney World vacation, it is important to give some thought to dining reservations.  Do you plan on eating at any of the restaurants on property?  If so, dining reservations can be made as early as 180 days in advance (don't worry, you can cancel up to 48 hours prior at almost all restaurants without penalty).  I know what you might be thinking, 180 days is a long way out to be planning where you're going to eat.  But for some restaurants, if you don't call the first day you can, you may as well forget about getting a reservation.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Seeing "the World" Tip #3: Epcot Really is for Kids! (Part 1 - Future World)

The 21st Century Begins.....
Epcot...Walt Disney World's second theme park opened on October 1, 1982, exactly 11 years after the Magic Kingdom first opened its gates.  Since then, the park has been beloved by many adults, but has never replaced the Magic Kingdom as the most popular Walt Disney World park.  Why?  Since its opening all those years ago, the park has had a reputation of being too educational and too boring for children.  In fact, when the park first opened, management was insistent that there be no meet and greets with Disney characters in the park. That didn't last long, but still, Walt Disney World employees had a hard time convincing parents that the park would be fun for children.  Which brings us to the Epcot of today.  Many changes have been made to the park to make it more "kid friendly."  I'm going to be your tour guide for these changes, with the hope that they will help you plan some activities for your children at Epcot.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Mousellaneous Monday: What Would You do for a Disney Fairytale Wedding?

The Disney Weddigng Pavillion, the dream of future princesses everywhere.
Disney Fairytale Weddings are, in a word, beautiful.  Any female Walt Disney World lover has probably at least considered a Walt Disney World wedding at some point in her life, even if they know it won't be a reality (myself included).  Disney Fairytale Weddings are offered at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Tokyo Disneyland.  They are not currently offered at Disneyland Paris, as it is not a commonly requested thing among Parisians, or at Hong Kong Disneyland.  Each location has its own set of rules regarding spending, photography, park rental and other such details.  However, at Tokyo Disneyland, the rules go even further.