Monday, July 16, 2012

Mousellaneous Monday: What Would You do for a Disney Fairytale Wedding?

The Disney Weddigng Pavillion, the dream of future princesses everywhere.
Disney Fairytale Weddings are, in a word, beautiful.  Any female Walt Disney World lover has probably at least considered a Walt Disney World wedding at some point in her life, even if they know it won't be a reality (myself included).  Disney Fairytale Weddings are offered at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Tokyo Disneyland.  They are not currently offered at Disneyland Paris, as it is not a commonly requested thing among Parisians, or at Hong Kong Disneyland.  Each location has its own set of rules regarding spending, photography, park rental and other such details.  However, at Tokyo Disneyland, the rules go even further.

Tokyo Disneyland weddings can take place at either the Disney Ambassador or the Hotel MiraCosta, each of which have special wedding chapels inside.  This year, Tokyo Disneyland is also offering the unique opportunity to get married in the Tokyo Disneyland theme park, however, availability is extremely limited.  The ceremony spaces at both hotels are stunning, and there are a variety of wedding packages to fit any budget.

The Ambassador Hotel wedding space (photo from Tokyo Disneyland Fairytale Weddings English Site)
But there's a catch.  In order to have a Tokyo Disneyland Wedding, the bride and groom must agree to rent their dress and tuxedo from the Tokyo Disneyland Resort.  Not only is this extremely limiting for the bride and groom, but most of the outfits are more reminiscent of costumes than of wedding attire.  Even though the outfits are almost all beautiful in their own way, they aren't something that you would normally expect to see in a wedding.  All of the following photos are from the Tokyo Disneyland Fairytale Weddings Japanese Site.

There are a variety of different dresses and tuxedos available.  There are certain styles for brides and grooms at Hotel MiraCosta, and certain styles for brides and grooms at the Disney Ambassador Hotel.  The following pictures will show a few of the options for brides and grooms at each hotel.  To see the full collection, visit the Tokyo Disneyland Fairytale Weddings Japanese Site.
Chiar di Luna, one of the more "traditional" dresses offered for couples getting married at Hotel MiraCosta
Gelsomino, another dress for brides at Hotel MiraCosta, inspired by Princess Jasmine
Nostalgia, a period piece dress for brides at Hotel MiraCosta
Granato, an option for grooms at Hotel MiraCosta
Rose Princess, the only traditional option for brides at the Disney Ambassador Hotel
Crystal Princess, inspired by Cinderella, for Disney Ambassador Hotel brides
Blossom Princess for Disney Ambassador Hotel brides
Prince Charming for Disney Ambassador Hotel grooms
This leads us to our question for the day.  If the Walt Disney World or Disneyland Fairytale Weddings also required that you rent your dress and tuxedo from them, would you still consider a Disney Fairytale Wedding?  Personally, even though I love most of the dresses at Tokyo Disneyland, I think that rule is too limiting for brides and grooms and takes individuality away from the couples.  Even though this apparently works in Japan, I don't think a similar system would work in the United States.  Do you?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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